Kirwen's Supermarket

..................In the ♥ of Gibsonburg................

Winter Hours - Jan. 2 - March 28
Monday - Saturday - 8:00 am - 8 pm
Sunday - 9:00 am - 5 pm

***Snow Day Specials!***
You can get some Snow Day Specials this week!

You can for SPECIAL SAVINGS on New York Strip Steak ($5.89/lb.),

Boneless English Roast  ($2.99/lb.), Blueberries (2/$4),

Charmin Bath Tissue ($4.99), Peter Pan Peanut Butter (2/$5),

Brooks Chili Beans (10/$10), Campbell's Tomato or Chicken Noodle Soup (5/$4),

Edy's Ice Cream (2/$7), Banquet Family Style Meals ($2.99), and MORE!

Plus Hot Deli Deal:  Guggisberg Baby or Sandwich Swiss Cheese $4.99 a pound

and Kirwen's Bacon Ranch Pasta Salad is $4.89 a pound and

Kirwen's BBQ Meatballs ($5.49/lb.)!

Check out our Beers for Winter!

Welcome to the Kirwen's Supermarket!    

Kirwen's Supermarket is an independent grocery store in the heart of downtown Gibsonburg. 

It is a family run business that was founded on the traditions of providing excellent personal service, value, and quality.  Kirwen's is known for having the finest cuts of meat, high quality produce, and tasty storemade deli items. The friendly staff at Kirwen's always greets customers with a smile and knows them by name.

Stop in and visit today!


Amish Baked Goods

We have Amish Baked Goods that come in FRESH every Thursday.  We have pies, rolls, cookies and breads.  Stop in and pick up something yummy.  We also take orders.  Orders for Amish Baked Goods need to be placed by Mondays for that Thursday's order.



$$$  Dollar Section!  $$$

Have you checked out our Dollar Section yet?  Everything is a dollar.  Check it out, across from the Frozen Food Section.





 We now have Craft Beer and Boxed Wine!  Stop in and check it out!