Kirwen Store Photos Kirwen Store Photos Kirwen's Supermarket In the heart of downtown Gibsonburg 111555518 Kirwen's Parking We have a parking lot at the back of the store. 111555508 Front Doors 111555526 Aisle 1 Salad Dressings, Juices, Canned Vegetables and Fruit 111555520 Juices 111555522 Dairy 111555531 Baking Aisle 111555521 Chips 111555523 Frozen Foods 111555528 Frozen Foods 111555527 Dollar Section We have a Dollar Section. All items are $1.00. 111555525 Dollar Section It is across from the frozen food section. 111555524 Ice Cream 111555529 Deli Meats 111555493 Deli Salads Check out our Deli Page for Storemade Deli items. 111555496 Cheese 111555491 Hot Soup Sign We have Hot Soup Monday - Friday from Fall - Spring. 111555495 Wonder Roast Sign 111555497 Grab and Go Cooler Stop in and grab something quick! 111555515 Meat Section Fine steaks and roasts cut fresh daily. 111555501 Meat Section 111555502 Chicken We have marinated chicken breasts in a variety of flavors. 111555499 Package Meats 111555505 Produce 111555510 Produce 111555512 Produce A nice variety of package salads 111555514 Potatoes 111555513 Wine 111555534 Candy 111555490 Lottery We sell instant Lottery tickets and Ohio Lottery tickets. 111555530