Kirwen's Supermarket

..................In the ♥ of Gibsonburg................

We’re Hiring deli and/or cashier positions!

We are hoping to find people who can work flexible hours for long term. 
 If interested, please fill out an application and return it to us!

SOUPS for the Week

Monday - Beef Barley

Tuesday - Loaded Potato

Wednesday - Stuffed Green Pepper

Thursday - Chesseburger

Friday - Cream of Broccoli
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BONUS Meat Sales!

Marinated Pork Sirloin Chops - $1.99/lb.

Family Pack Ground Beef - $2.99/lb. 

8 count Leg Quarters - $0.69/lb.  Regular Pack - $0.79/lb. 

Seasoned Leg Quarters - $1.19/lb.  

Cut Up Whole Fryers - $1.49/lb.   

Choice Ranch Steak - $3.69/lb.

Choice Petite Steak  - $3.49/lb.

Choice Marinated Ranch Steak - $4.99/lb.

Choice Store Made Minute Steak - $4.49/lb.

Choice Beef Cube Steaks - $4.99/lb.

Store Made Bulk Chorizo - $3.09/lb.


 Store Made BBQ Pork - $5.49/lb. 

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